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While I do not consider myself an artist by any means, I do enjoy the creation process. My work is pretty much divided between the following mediums...

Computer Art

A lot of my free time is spent on the computer. As such a lot of my work has been generated in this medium. I have done a little bit of everything, 3D models, photoshop manipulations, and pure creations. This is my most prolific form of art, so as I track down various files this will be the largest section.
Hand Drawings

I have never been much of an artist when it comes to drawing things by hand, however I have a few gems. There is other drawings I plan on adding when I get time to scan them in.

I have been building models for years. Until I started working on projects for architecture I had never done much work from scratch. A few here and there, but not the volume I did in second year arch. However at the time I did not have my own digital camera, so I unfortunatly did not get many pictures taken. I only have two models with pictures from that time, and a few more I did later. As I get more time to work on hobbies I would like to pick back up model building again. For now this is all I have...

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On 2017-02-24 16:15:10 Your wife commented:

I care about your life. Your site is cool. I just googled you and this came up!!! Never been here before. And how long have we been married?!?

On 2006-04-02 22:21:29 mom commented:

wow...I can leave a comment now. :^} I like your site

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