Welcome to my corner of the world!

I have been making webpages of various kinds for many years and figure it is about time to make one that is just about me (if anyone really cares to find out). So this is where I put pictures, post life events I care to share, and ramblings I put to paper (errr type?). I hope to gather up old writings and stories of interest that I can find, and have a few things I have written in the past few months queued to go up. As this site goes live, things will be pulled off of dr-eagleeyes.com and pointed this way. Eventually dr-eagleeyes.com will become purely for my business and career uses. So I guess the jist.... here (davidrixnelson.com) is about me as a person, there (dr-eagleeyes.com) is about my work and profession.

It is time for moving again. I have set up a blog for the adventure. Whenever I get a chance I will link it properly, for now I am trying out the new blog system on Leopard Server. First impressions are good, I just need to figure out how to put my own skin on it. Check it out!

David Rix Nelson

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