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I have been building models for years. Until I started working on projects for architecture I had never done much work from scratch. A few here and there, but not the volume I did in second year arch. However at the time I did not have my own digital camera, so I unfortunatly did not get many pictures taken. I only have two models with pictures from that time, and a few more I did later. As I get more time to work on hobbies I would like to pick back up model building again. For now this is all I have...

Fall 2000 Project 3: Volume

This is project # 3 for the fall semester. Project 1 was about line, Project 2 was about plane, leaving volume for project three. This was my first use of plaster as a building material. It was quite the experience trying to deal with the stuff!!! Most of us in the class poured upwards of 100 lbs of plaster per model, to say the least the studio was quite the mess by the time we finished each model.
Fall 2000 Project 4: Final Project

This was the final project for the fall semester of 2000. The project was to design a bridge to the sky on a plot of land in the desert near Tucson. Once again we were to use plaster as a major building material and made a big mess in studio. However this time the faculty learned that plaster was not the best material to use on such a big scale (both size and number of people using it).
Fall 2003: Light Weight Structure

This is one of two models I built for a light weight structres class I took. The class was very easy, but also very interesting. I wish that there had been more time to spend on it, but I was out of town most of that semester. Maybe someday I can go back and spend more time playing with the principles and ideas I learned from this class.
Fall 2003: Fabric Structure

This is the other model that I built for the light weight structures class. This one was not ment to support a load unlike the other one. It was ment to show off one possible shape a fabric structre can take and still be strong. I did not have to finish off the model like I did, but I wanted it for a piece to keep and put up on display. The fabric started out white, and it was built on a rather nasty grey board. I used spray paint to get it black, and then black mat board to cover up the grey stuff.

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