Hand drawings

I have never been much of an artist when it comes to drawing things by hand, however I have a few gems. There is other drawings I plan on adding when I get time to scan them in.

Architectural Drawings

Having spent three years in the U of Arizona architecture program I have quite a few drawings of building and architectural elements. This is only a small number of them, more to come.
Eagle Eyes

Growing up I created a world around a character that I made up, Eagle Eyes. I had everything from weapons to maps, to building plans drawn. In high school I wrote several short stories based on this character. Eagle Eyes continues to be my character and handle for pretty much everything. He represents the knight in shining armor and super hero that I want to be.
The American Bald Eagle

My favorite animal is the American Bald Eagle. My house has lots of posters, statues, and other items related to eagles. About the only living thing I draw is the bald eagle.

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