Computer Art

A lot of my free time is spent on the computer. As such a lot of my work has been generated in this medium. I have done a little bit of everything, 3D models, photoshop manipulations, and pure creations. This is my most prolific form of art, so as I track down various files this will be the largest section.

3D Models

Most of the creations in this section were largely created using a program called Form-Z. It was a rather interesting program to use. I got a free copy of the license during my tenure in the school of Architecture to try out and use. It was rather suprising that the professors were largely discouraging of using this tool.
Adobe Photoshop Modifications

Photoshop is an awesome, and very useful tool for graphic design work. I am by no means an expert with this software, but I have fun playing around with what all it can make and do.
Creations From Scratch

Beyond using Photoshop and other like tools for making modifications to prior art, I have made some of my own art work. These are pieces that I started working on from nothing, and was able to make something worth keeping.

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