NYC Vacation: 2/25/2006 - 3/5/2006

So for the first time in years I took a real vacation. Not time of from work where I went and did something else equally as much work as work, but real honest to goodness do what ever I want when ever I want for a whole week plus. A few of the days I managed to get out and about with a camera and enjoyed seeing the sights. However between the weather and getting over being sick I did not get out as much as I wanted. But atleast it was all stuff I did on my own terms.

Day 1: 2/25/2006

I was feeling rather lazy and did not get out and about until late in the evening. The only reason I even made it out was that I was starting to get stir crazy after spending a lot of the previous week stuck at home sick.
Day 3: 2/27/2006

The Atlantic Ocean! It took just short of a year but I finally made it over to see the ocean. On the way back I made a quick stop in brooklyn to get some much needed food.
Day 4: 2/28/2006

After a check up at the doctors office I escaped to check out the bronx. Not finding much of interest I called it a day and headed home
Day 6: 3/2/2006

This was the last day of wandering I did as it basically wore my poor sick lungs out. Yet I managed to catch a few sights. My first stop was the Intrepid, used heavily in Vietnam and then spent the rest of its active life working with the space shuttle program. Then over to Carnegie Deli for a HUGE sandwhich and slice of cheese cake.

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