SciFi Western

I have no idea what this was written for. It was done in my second year of College going by the date tag on it, but I am not even sure how accurate that is. Either way it is a fun little short story. Enjoy!

“What can I do you for partner?”

“Shot o whiskey, as hard as you got.”

A quick survey of the bar reveals a few sparse tables with dark forms hunched over their drinks. The poor lighting in the room hide the stains of alcohol splattered on the floor, contrasting with the spit shine of the stainless steal bar holding the center of the room. A skinny balding man hold a white towel as he pushes a shot glass down the bar to a tall man in black.

“Kinda slow night huh?”

“A little early yet.”

“So where is this forsaken town can a man find a good meal and a bath?”

“There is a little place down the street.”

“Thanks, how much do I owe ya?”

“A quarter should cover it.”

Money quickly changes hands as the man in black walks to the swinging doors. Sun bright enough to blind glares down on a small dusty street. The wooden sidewalks are filled with people busy on their way to one of the many business crowding the street. The man in black struts down the boardwalk in search of the inn mentioned by the bar tender. Down the middle of the street rumbles a hover craft carting ore from the mines to the ore processing plant in the center of town.

“Why is it that all of these back woods colonies are controlled the miners?” The man in black mumbles to himself with glares from passing pedestrians. “Take it personally, are ya?”

The man in black stops as he spots the small inn. Upon entering he looks at the inn keeper and laughs, “How can a little man like you control the wild men of the frontier?

“Like this. . .” Pulling a sawed off blaster from behind the counter he points it at the man in black. “. . .Looks can be deceiving my good man!”

“I tend to agree.” The man in black smiles for the first time. “I need a room for the night, what ya got?”

“Would you like a little entertainment with that?” The inn keeper winks as he turns to get a key from the wood boxes behind him.

“I would rather pick my own thank you.”

“Whatever you wish, but you don’t know what you are missing. Room 2010 the transporter is over there.”

“So how can a back woods place like this afford a transporter?”

“Back woods?? This is the biggest trading town in the colony!”

“Well pardon me partner. . .”

Outside a sudden sound of laughter and shots fired interrupt the man in black. He turns a questioning look to the inn keeper who just shrugs and turns back to the holovid next to the counter. The man in black turns and heads out to the street, key in hand.

Once out side he looks up and down the street and spots the disturbance. A small group of miners on horse back ride down the street destroying the serene peace of the small town. Every so often one of the merry makers shoots their hand blaster into the sky leaving the acid taste of blasters in the air. As the rabble rousers approach the bar they reign in and tie their horses up along side the parked hover bikes.

“In all my life I don’t think I will ever learn to accept hover bikes and animals used interchangeably.” Remarked the inn keeper to the man in black.

“Then what are you doing here in these back woods?” The man in black turns and meanders back down the boardwalk to join the crowd entering the bar.

Back in the bar the man in black takes a seat in the blackest corner. Taking in the room with a glance he looks for a waitress and signals his wish to order. After his drink arrives he sits back to watch the crowd liven up the otherwise dim bar. The group of men from the street gathered around the bar and two very pretty waitresses. Every time one if them are touched by the rough crowd the man in black flinches as if someone were cutting off his finger tips. Finally he tires of watching the poor waitresses being touched and abused. Pulling his hand blaster from the holster at his side he approaches the bar and pushed the men aside. Roars of outrage meet the fun filled are like a cold breeze on a hot summer’s day. Everywhere blasters are pulled from holsters and tables are tipped in anticipation of gun fire.

“What do you think your doing?” Growls the biggest of the rabble rousers.

“Only protecting these fair maidens.” Responded the man in black.

“NO FIGHTS IN THIS BAR!” Yelled the bar keeper as he pulled his double barreled shot blaster from behind the speckles counter.

“I think you step beyond your bounds stranger,” intercepts the sheriff as he steps into the bar.

“I think not!” Responds the man in black as he shoots the hand off the man currently grabbing at the fair young waitress. He then walks out the door and walks out of town into the sun set, as the men in the bar just stare in shock as the bright green blood spills all over the stainless steal bar.