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Who are you?

I am me! Well I guess a little more info would be nice;) My name is David Rix Nelson. I have been living for 41 years, and am looking forward to many more years to come. Currently I work for Apple Computer as a Mac Genius. Basically I am a glorified tech. It is a very good job and I love working for Apple. However, I hope to soon get a job doing something a little more in my degree field. My hope is to get a job as either an IT Manager for some Mac house (or at least largely Mac), software engineer, or a database admin.

I recently graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of science in computer science and a minor in architecture. It took about 8 years to finish, however two of those years were spent serving an LDS Mission. I started out in architecture, but soon realized as much as I loved it, I was not very good at it (my professors loved to point that out). During my 3 years in architecture I had taken 2 CS classes, and found that is what I was good at. So I jumped ship and moved over to CS. It was likely the best thing I could have done for myself, health, mental and social.

There is lots more to know about me... maybe I will add more here later.


What do you do?

I have many many different hobbies and interests. Most of them deal with the computer world, but I do try to spend as much time as possible out doing other things. In the computer arena I like to tinker with the insides of them. I prefer software type projects, but spend a lot of time with a screw driver in my hand fixing this or that. Lots of time is spent online talking to people from all over the world. I do spend some time playing computer games, nowhere near as much as I did my first few years of college, but I will occasionally break out a good computer game or two. My current favorites are Ultima Online (yes, I know a little old, but it sure is fun) and Unreal Tournament 2004.

When I tear myself away from the computer my time is spent reading, listening to music, watching movies, cruising in my new car, hanging out with friends, mountain biking, hiking and camping. Many of my hobbies do not get much time these days (biking, hiking, and camping) but I hope now that I am out of school this can change. My favorite music these days is usually heavy metal, Metallica and Taproot being my current favorites. However I have quite the variety of tastes, everything from Billy Joel and The Eagles to Nirvana and Nickelback. If you listen to the playlists on my computer or iPods, you never will know what is next. When it comes to movies and books, I tend to favor Sci-fi, very strongly! My favorite movie of all time is the first Star Wars (I saw the first one opening week, granted I was 6 months old, but I was there), and my favorite TV show is Star Trek (Next Generation or Voyager mostly).

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